consolacion national high school
Topic: Coalition for Better Education
Speaker: Fritzie C. Soronio

The INSET opened with viewing a video about the role of a teacher in changing the lives of students and inspiring them to do better. Many teachers shared significant memories that highlighted how they have helped students to become successful. Some of those who shared were Mrs. Bertulfo, Ms. Luchavez and Mrs. Carcusia. Their endearing stories touched the participants.

After this was the discussion on the 21st Century Learner. By understanding the kind of students we have nowadays, teachers will be able to adjust their strategies in order to meet the learning needs of our learners. This session is couched on the program of the Coalition for Better Education.  Teachers accepted the idea that our students are digitally inclined. Most of them spend more hours in front of the computer or using their cellphones for social media. As such, in this session, the speaker emphasized the necessity of the teachers to use digital sources and online educational materials to improve student performance in their respective classes.

Teachers were grouped by subject area, then they are made to list the websites which they could use in their lessons starting this school year 2012-2013. A list of these links are provided in the home page of this site.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Guillerma Bertulfo, demonstrated on the K to 12 teaching process emphasizing the KPUP (Knowledge, Process, Understanding and Product) components of every lesson.

On the second day, Contextualizing Tech-Voc subjects is the focus of the workshop. Mrs. Soronio gave them a form where the contextualization will be evident. Using DepEd Order on Lesson Planning, a simple log plan for all teachers is presented. In the afternoon, Mrs. Juntilla gave a sample contextualization on Geometry. Her lesson is on the Slope of a Line. For contextualizing this, she used the Tech-Voc Drafting Lesson on the "Wooden Stair" of Ms. Jessica Ughoc to explain the slope of a line. This is a perfect example of contextualizing.

After the outputs were collected, Ms. Elve O. Jayme shared the impact of Climate Change on our Planet and the necessity to overcome this. Thus, on the 3rd day, Mrs. Elien M. Ruelos followed this up with calculating our Carbon Footprint. Teachers realized the necessity of conserving on electricity to minimize carbon emission thus helping against Climate Change.

On the last day of the INSET 2013, the guidance counselor Mrs. Nena Bardoquillo clarified the guidance program to all teachers. Lastly, the principal, Mrs. Adelina P. Semblante gave instructions on preparing well for the opening of classes on


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consolacion national high school